About InCoBAN

InCoBAN is an ecosystem that possesses leadership qualities as an industry improvement initiative, positioned to tackle the absolute challenges that the Indian Construction Sector grapples with, impacting the livelihoods of over 60 to 70 million individuals. Besides merely being an initiative, InCoBAN aspires to inspire the lives of the people who rely on the construction sector, nationwide, and to drive positive improvements in the quality of construction. We recognize the challenges in establishing and sustaining infrastructure in India and believe in driving industry expansion. We also aim at positioning our nation as a global player in construction and development.

InCoBAN functions as a robust and integrated ecosystem at its core, anchored by the idea that “complex system problems demand complex solutions.” This way of thinking reflects our IKIGAI and drives our dedication to addressing challenges comprehensively rather than individually. By focusing on a holistic approach to industry enhancement, we strive to improve the present-day construction environment.

As an evolving medium, InCoBAN collaborates with a range of stakeholders, from government organizations to industry experts, to encourage transformational improvements in the building and infrastructure sectors. By doing this, we aim to contribute to the establishment of an energy ecosystem, that not only tackles present problems but also promotes continual creativity and sustainable development in this industry.

About the sector

largest construction market in the world
Livelihoods Supported
NIP projects
Industry by 2025

InCoBAN Ecosystem

Synergasia BE-NEX is the implementation arm of InCoBAN Ecosystem. As a corporate body, it acts as a holding company for various verticals, not limited to Professionals Mainstreaming, Workforce Mainstreaming, and Maturity Model.

Skopos is a non-profit social enterprise, registered under section 8 of The Companies Act, 2013. It engages beyond the role of a think-tank and acts as a platform with representation from industry-academia, practitioners, professional and industry bodies, retired bureaucrats, and industry veterans.

Components of InCoBAN

InCoBAN adopts an integrated approach to capacity building for the infrastructure and construction sector through it’s six components.

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Professionals Mainstreaming

We focus on nurturing leaders & white-collared individuals through vocational education, and competencies development while engaging students and professionals in applied research of InCoBAN.
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Workforce Mainstreaming

We focus on creating an 'Organised Labour Market' to balance fluctuating labour requirements, and to bring dignity to physical labour through economic prosperity.
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Maturity Model

We provide PM Maturity- an index measuring the maturity of a standalone program across projects in an organization, allowing decision makers to identify gaps and areas of improvement from aggregate level to granular level drill down.
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Accreditation Body

Custodian of maturity framework
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Platform Organization

Integration & coordinated delivery
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Appropriate mechanization

National Equipment Bank
Our Values

At Incoban we
commit to

respect dignity of labour
foster the principles of equality
encourage workplace democracy
be non – discriminatory
promote meritocracy
collectively earn and share wealth
grow together
only include not exclude

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