Maturity Model

About Maturity Model

PM Maturity is an index measuring the maturity of a standalone project or a program across projects in an organization. This is highly beneficial for external benchmarking within same or cross sectors.

It helps the decision makers and senior leadership to identify the gaps and areas of improvement from aggregate level to granular level drill down.

Who may find it useful?

International Financial Institutions and Aids

Project Owner Organizations

Domestic Financial Institutions

Public Works Departments

Central Government

State Government

Local Municipalities/Corporations

Private Corporates

Contractors, Consultants & Service Provides

Program Management Maturity Model (PM3)

It is a framework independent model which includes process and measurement tool for easy adoption. This is an internal and external benchmarking tool and a systematic approach for improvement of projects in stages.

The Maturity Index developed shall become a national index, with the metric depicting Program Management Maturity for individual projects. When rolled up, it will reflect an organization’s maturity, easing the comparison the quality of Project Management across various projects. The program maturity index shall be a tool for projects, organizations, government and private sectors for same or cross-industry/sector benchmarking.