Institutional Outreach

ASCENT aims to nurture and equip engineers to become more relevant in addressing the challenges in the construction infrastructure sector in India and elsewhere.


While the developed world is preparing its graduates to solve complex problems, there is a fundamental requirement to impart basic engineering and management skills amongst the graduates, thereby developing a strong backbone of skills in India.
The 8500 technical institutes in India produces about 1.5 million engineers every year, where only 2 to 5% of them are truly employable and are equipped with modern skills.
ASCENT will nurture and equip the engineers to become more relevant in addressing the challenges in the construction infrastructure sector in India and elsewhere.

Institutional Outreach

The primary objective of ASCENT is to evoke interest in engineering and prepare candidates for lifelong learning. This initiation will focus on equipping graduates through the development of competencies, and engage students and young professionals directly in the learning process.
ASCENT will act as an Industry‐Institution‐Chamber of Commerce Bridge. This program is envisaged to offer visible value additions to Institutions, Students and Industry.

What students will get to learn

Hands on problem solving in infra and construction sector

Working closely with highly experienced professionals

Opportunity to work in applied research areas

An opportunity to be a part of InCoBAN

Integrative thinking

Integrated program management life cycle

Business formulation and feasibility

Interaction with industry stakeholders, institutions & government

Inter‐disciplinary exposure

21st century skills such as critical thinking skills, problem solving etc.

Benchmarking against best in class indian and international practices

Ability to work independently and as a team player

Components of Ascent

Curriculum based support
Introducing infrastructure body of knowledge
Introduction to professional Organizations
Application oriented student projects
Internship with InCoBAN or member organizations
Lifelong learning scorecard (under development)
Employment platform (after 2025)
Mentoring and counselling sessions

Curriculum-Based Support​

The ASCENT team will deliver lectures with content complementing the subjects in the curriculum and expose the students to the areas that are beyond the syllabus. The lecture hours shall be between 2 hours to 30 hours per semester including a few guest lectures from industry experts, both from India and abroad.

Orientation to Infrastructure
Body of Knowledge (InBoK) ​

The National Program/Project Management Policy Framework (NPMPF) aims to build Program Management Capability in India and ultimately set up the National Institute for Charted Program/Project Professionals. The lectures will introduce the study of InBoK (Indian Infrastructure Body of Knowledge). Professionals from various sectors both from India and Abroad, with extensive experience will be orienting the students in the following areas of InBoK.

a) Part I: Program Design and Implementation Plan
b) Part II: Individual Project Acquisition
c) Part III: Constituent Project Initiation & Planning
d) Part IV: Monitoring and Control of Constituent Projects
e) Part V: Managing Project Execution


A total of 5 to 10 hours will be dedicated to InBoK Orientation in the aforementioned five areas.

Introduction to Professional Organizations

  • Competencies are interwoven into subjects
  • Exposure to deep bodies of knowledge at an early stage
  • Build a professional network right from the beginning
  • Opportunity for building lifelong learning
  • Benefit by developing leadership qualities by being part of this initiative

Activities for Student Members

  • Organize Seminars/Webinars/Technical webinars under any specific domain as required
  • Draw support from the organization leadership sections Supports Student Chapter
  • Conduct Technical Workshops/Certification
  • Provide a platform for students to present knowledge-sharing sessions
  • Anchoring Student Chapter News
  • Opportunity to learn or get the tools, tips, and resources you need to advance your career via ILCE

Internship and Project

The students will be assigned projects from applied research areas of InCoBAN. The students shall choose topics of their interest relevant to their sector. Students shall work on specific industry improvement projects of their choice.

Internships and Projects from the following areas shall be given by InCoBAN.

Program Management Maturity Model
Workforce Mainstreaming ‐ Bringing the workers into mainstream employment
Future of Capital Projects industry. Emerging Business Models of Capital Projects Industry
Study and research supporting the overall theme of InCoBAN

Program Management Maturity

The project intends to develop a platform approach for institutionalized capacity building with a focus on Program Management Maturity Framework (PMMF). PMMF is expected to support organizations, both government and private, to benchmark, align continuously improve and develop program management competency. The Program themes will be the intersections area of Program Life Cycle and Tasks.

Workforce Mainstreaming

The construction sector invariably has handled the labor workforce at arm’s length, employed exploitative practices and extracted the utmost benefit from ineffective implementation of the prescribed laws. Though many legislations are prescribed on paper, they are barely implemented to their letter and spirit. The projects under this theme are about creating an Organized Construction Labor Market in India and validating the Workforce Mainstreaming Model of InCoBAN etc.

Sample themes for
the projects

  1. Study of Indian construction labour and validating Workforce Mainstreaming
  2. Creating a Construction Labor Market
  3. Rental housing establishing for migrant
  4. Technology benchmarking of Mass housing and a cost comparative study
  5. Labor Producer organization or Coop models for engagement

Other themes for
internship and projects

  1. Platform model of Program Delivery
  2. Accreditation & Program Management
  3. Leapfrogging in Engineering Education
  4. National Equipment Bank
  5. Interdisciplinary studies of Infrastructure Construction
  6. Technology and Construction etc.

Program Structure

Curriculum Based Support

  • Expose to areas which are beyond the syllabus
  • Regular quizzes, assignments or a small problem to solve at every two sessions

Internships & Projects

  • Assigned projects from applied research areas of InCoBAN
  • Flexible to choose topics of their interest relevant to their sector and for industry improvement projects

Professional Organizations

  • Opportunity to build professional and learning networks right from the beginning.
  • Introduce to cross country networks.
  • Develop leadership qualities.


  • Virtual & Online
  • Jointly with other institutions
  • One Session per year


Lifelong Learning Scorecard for all Students by intertwining their three-factor skills (core employability, professional and communication)

Second Year Onwards Full Year, 2 Semesters
Batch Size: 30
2 Subjects | 24-30 Hours Per Semester
Mode: off line | on line
5 Projects (5-6 months) 10-15 students
Internships-5 nos (2 students Interdisciplinary)

Disclaimer: Please note that

  1. InCoBAN is not an educational institution, and it does not come under any of the regulators.
  2. InCoBAN does offer a certificate upon successful completion of the work by a student with a grade.
  3. InCoBAN is not bound to issue a certificate to registered students not meeting the requisite criteria.

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