According to the report from EY and iMocha 81% of organizations witnessing a shortage of skilled tech workers

The report titled “Tech skills transformation – Navigating the future of work in 2025 and beyond” with in-depth interviews with industry leaders from various sectors, across geographies like India, the US, the UK, and the EU.

This report, which is a comprehensive study on how technology skills are being increasingly required across all job roles, has taken into account three factors to analyse the topic: in-demand tech skills across domains, the organisational impact of tech skills, and organisations’ response to tech skill transformation. According to the report, India has become one of the top tech talent markets with a market share of 16%, against Europe’s 16% and the USA’s 20%.

“Job roles and skill needs are changing faster than ever. In this report, we discovered 28% of the leaders believe they will have to revamp tech skills for a third of their talent base by 2025 to stay competitive.

The adoption of skill taxonomy and benchmarking is a clear indicator that the increasing complexity of tech skills is necessitating leaders to reconstruct their talent acquisition, development, and management strategies.”Amit D Mishra, founder and CEO of iMocha