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About Us

InCoBAN is an ecosystem and an industry improvement initiative, positioned to tackle the absolute challenges that the Indian Construction Sector grapples with, impacting the livelihoods of over 60 to 70 million individuals. Besides merely being an initiative, we aspire to inspire the lives of the people who rely on the construction sector, nationwide, and to drive positive improvements in the quality of construction. We recognize the challenges in establishing and sustaining infrastructure in India and believe in driving industry expansion. We also aim at positioning our nation as a global player in construction and development.

Our Vision

To be a model ecosystem that Build Assets for the Nation.

Balance and maintain an inclusive, collaborative, and enterprising ecosystem that transforms the nation’s assets.

The Philosophy

Barren land does not become a nation. It is the people who transform it and draw their identity from the very same land. People are the Principal Assets of any nation, who go on to build National Assets. Any asset, that is not protected and poorly maintained returns lower yield and could become a liability in the longer run. A nation that is principal asset heavy, cannot become wealthy with inadequate human capital and it’s inappropriate deployment. InCoBAN stands for ‘In Cooperation for Building Assets of Nation’. We believe that this can be achieved only by working on the trilogy of Inclusion, Collaboration, and Transformation of all key components of the Indian Construction Sector. Our shared goal at InCoBAN is to increase social yield by allocating resources to human capital.
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Why we do what we do

With its multiple complex issues, Indian construction Sector is one of the least preferred sectors for a qualified professional. Marred with exploiting practices, it continues to be major absorber of workforce from agriculture sector during non-farming period. To work around the compliance requirements, the blue collar workforce is usually never employed directly by the contractors and are hence never engaged. Notably, 30% of this workforce are women. The employability of engineers produced in India is abysmally low, ranging 2 to 5%, most of which consists of white-collar workers in this sector. While being an important driver of the Indian economy, the challenge faced by the Indian Construction Sector is not lack of technology, capital, workforce, training or education. It is the institutionalized ‘Dyspraxia’, which clogs the coordinated delivery. InCoBAN takes cognizance of these challenges and offers solutions to the complex problems of this intricate system.
Our Values

At InCoBAN we
commit to

respect dignity of labour
foster the principles of equality
encourage workplace democracy
be non – discriminatory
promote meritocracy
collectively earn and share wealth
grow together
only include not exclude

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